Chucks VIRGINROCKS story

Dirk emailed a message that I sent to him about hunting down the guys in Virgin back in June of 2002 to Chuck.  He told him check out this "girls" note.  They thought I was a chick.....Anyway, Chuck e-mailed me and told me what he was up to.  He asked for my number and he called later that night.  Finally, I had made personal contact with a member of VIRGIN other than an e-mail.  I told him all about my search and what-not and he filled me in on his latest project (at the time) F8, which featured Leif Garrett on Lead Vocals.  We also spoke about VIRGIN of course and he told me he would be in my area (Chicago) in a couple months and to keep in touch and he would put me on the guest list.  A  couple months went by and my wife and I headed to the show at Shank Hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.   We hooked up with Chuck and hung out and made plans to hook up a couple nights later when they played in Chicago.  To make a long story short, we hooked up again, had some drinks, talked about VIRGIN and had a great night.  He also gave me the poster of VIRGIN at the Starwood that night and it is by far my prized possesion.  Since then, Chuck has gone from being Chuck Billings the drummer in VIRGIN, to my best friend who happened to be in VIRGIN, if that makes any sense at all.   He is a super, super nice guy and I value his friendship very much.  Too bad we don't live closer to each other.....

Check out the photos below.  These are all from Chucks personal collection and you will not find them in any magazine.  Keep checking this page for more updates and photos of Chuck.  Coming soon !!!!

Photo Session 1978

What the hell is he doing ? Chuck clowning around....Thanks again Colleen for the pic !

Pittsburgh April 9th 1978

Chuck in 1976 - About a year before VIRGIN

Lexington Kentucky April 8th 1978

The one and only Chuck Billings

Chuck in Eulogy 1979 Featuring current Paul McCartney guitarist Rusty Anderson (far left).

F8 featuring Chuck and long time buddy Leif Garrett - 2002