Gino, Dickie & Mickie

Gino, Chucks son Dickie & Mickie Jones from ANGEL at the Rainbow

Kimber & Holly

Chucks wife Holly & her best friend Kimber at the BOW !!!


Chuck and Laura

Chuck and Laura at the Rainbow.  Laura was a HUGE Virgin / Eulogy fan and flipped when she saw Chuck.

All of the shots on this page are from Chucks personal collection !

The shot above was taken at Chucks moms house on Thanksgiving 1978.  Tommy, Bill Aucoin, Chucks mom, and Chuck.

Another Shot from Thanksgiving 1978

Taken somwhere on the Shaun Cassidy Tour 1978.

Same Show, Chuck banging away.

GARY at the STARWOOD (VIRGINS last Show)

Dirk, Chuck and Steve hanging out somewhere. Check out Steves ANGEL shirt.  Another of my favorite bands.  In fact Chuck and ANGEL's bass player Mickie Jones were room-mates.  Chuck and Mickie have been hanging out together recently.

The Billboard at the Starwood.  Chuck took me past where the Starwood was located and this is about the only thing that remains.

Chuck going after the popparrazzi.  Right before he broke the camera.  VIRGIN were always being chased by the National Enquirer and all the tabloids and could not get a moments rest.