Dirk Etienne

Dirk was the first guy in VIRGIN that I made contact with.  I had searched for a long time and spoke to many people involved with the band but still no luck finding a member of the band.  I stumbled on a way to contact a guy by the name of Dirk Etienne and I figured it had to be him.  It was,  so I told him about my search for finding the guys from VIRGIN.  He put me in touch with Chuck, so now I knew the where-abouts of 2 of the guys at least.  Dirk is doing great and living in CA.  He still writes and plays music so hopefully we will hear some new music from him in the future.  Check out the pics below.  Dirk hooked up with Steve Kramer and Chuck Billings on 07/31/05.  It was the first time Dirk and Chuck had seen each other in over 25 years.  They have been talking by phone, but this was the first time to see each other after all this time.  Dirk and I e-mail each other quite a bit.  I hope to meet him sometime when I hook up with Chuck and Steve in LA. You never know !  Keep checking back for more photos and info on Dirk, I am in the process of putting together a little 10 question & answer thing to post on each of the guys pages. I should have that done soon ! 

Dirk at the Starwood. Thanks to Colleen McGrane for the pic....AWESOME !

Dirk Live 1979

Dirk Live 1978

On Tour with Shaun 1978

Backstage at the Starwood Feb. 1979

Dirk when he was in the band "JAMMER" taken at the Rock Corporation in the SF Valley....Thanks Colleen !

Dirk and Friends - July 2005