Gary Van Dyke

Gary is probably the member I know the least about.  We have spoke very briefly a couple times and I hope to be able to talk in detail with him soon.  Gary played with the Hollywood Stars before Virgin, he also played with Shaun Cassidy for a while as well.  After Virgin, he recorded with Kevin DuBrow and the late-great Randy Rhoads, played in DuBrow, Suite 19 (which at one time featured Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee).  I will try to find out all I can soon.  Chuck tells me that everybody liked Gary, that he was & is a super nice guy.  Also heard from Dirk and the guys that he is a hell of a bass player as well.  Keep checking back for more on GVD !!!

Gary and Kevin Dubrow at the Starwood

Probably the best pic I have ever seen of Gary. Thanks to Colleen McGrane for sending !!!!

Another Cool shot of Gary from Colleen. This is backstage at the Whiskey. Gary was in the band "Suite 19"

Colleen even has Gary's shirt. I think Gary has one as well.

Gary 2006