Kids Are People Too - July 17th, 1978

On July 17th, 1978  Virgin made their only TV appearance on the nationally sydicated show "Kids Are People Too".  The guys had not seen the show since it's original air date back in 1978.  I had never seen it but I always kept looking for it.  We found a way to get ahold of a copy of the show but it was quite pricey so Dirk, Steve and I pitched in and got the show.  How is it ???  Well, it was a kids show and it does not represent what Virgin wanted to be, but it is still cool to have.  The picture quality  is great and it also has an interview with the guys, a brief live clip, and shows them getting off a plane somewhere.  I am posting some still shots from the DVD, if you like them, I can post as many as I want.  They are a bit blurry due to the fact that I am freezing a moving image but they still look pretty good.   Let me know what you think of them !!