SOME COOL LINKS FOR YOU TO CHECK OUT  Tommy Moody's My Space Page.  This is a link to Lydia Criss' site.  Check out her book that is coming soon !   This link is to ex-Piper drummer Richie Fontana.  He has a GREAT CD that you can order.  If you are a fan of Piper you have to get this.  Richie also sings and plays other instruments on the disc as well.   This link is to my buddy Joe Jones' site about ANGEL.  Another of my favorite bands.  Joe has a LOT of cool photos both old and new plus a lot of cool memorabilia.  Check it out   Site about the ass-kicking band STARZ.  Order all their CD's and more from this site.  Watch for new tour Dates as well.   The BEST metal news site on the planet.  Cool site about Leif.  Keep up on all the news and sightings of Leif and what he is up to.  Good bulletin board as well.   This is the site of former EULOGY bass player Dirk Van Tatenhove.  Eulogy featured VIRGIN drummer Chuck Billings and current Paul McCartney guitarist Rusty Anderson.  Current Paul McCartney guitarist Rusty Anderson's site.  Rusty was in EULOGY with Chuck Billings, VIRGIN drummer.   A link to MY space profile.  Stop by and check it out.