VIRGIN !!!!  This is a very BRIEF clip from a bootleg of VIRGIN back in 1978.   Just to give you a tease until we get some real VIRGIN music up !  Check it out !!!! Thanks to Sue Casio for smuggling in a tape deck way back when and sending us a copy of the tape 20 some years later ! Anyway (clip).mp3

A GREAT (my favorite) tune from Dirk. "TURN IT UP" !!!'t Let Go.mp3

This song features VIRGIN singer DIRK ETIENNE and friend Bob Pavao. They were in a band together called PARIS back in the 80's but have continued to work together.  This song is from 2001. AMAZING song !!! Song of Winter.mp3

This is a song from Dirk Etienne's band PARIS also featuring guitarist Bob Pavao.  This song is from the mid 80's.  If you a fan of 80's hard rock, you will love this.  Watch for a CD from PARIS that you can purchase right here from this site. Can't Be Tamed 2.mp3

Dirk sent me another cool tune from the PARIS days.  Check it out & TURN IT UP !! Lady Luck.mp3