Steve's VIRGINROCKS story

I met Steve on his birthday in 2004 at his home in Las Vegas.  He was having a little get together so Chuck and I went over to help him celebrate.  I met his wife, he opened his home up to me and he dug out a bunch of VIRGIN photo albums for me to check out.  I also, after all the years of searching and waiting, finally got to hear the real VIRGIN.  Steve has tapes of rehersals and some GREAT studio stuff as well.   He told me the story of how he got into the band ( he was actually the only one in his teens.  He WAS 15 ) and what he had been doing since.  I always look forward to talking to Steve because he is freaking hilarious.  He also has a great explanation of his music career that I will have to have him explain  so I get it right.  

Here are a few photos of Steve.  I am going to try to hook up with him soon and get some of HIS shots for the site & some Mp3's of some of his music for us all to enjoy.  Until them Check em out....

Steve Kramer 1978

Strummin' somewhere on tour '78

Shot from a German Rock Magazine

Steve Kramer

After VIRGIN Steve formed the Pennys

Steve Right after Virgin in The Pennys

Steve waving to the camera just like he did in the poster - 2004

Steve K. July 2005


Another flyer from Steve's band "KILLER MOCKINGBIRD"

Michael "Stink" Laughlin on drums
Wick Hauser on guitar
Brett Miller ob bass
And Johnny O. Lead singer and lead guitarist up front and center.