Tommy's "VirginRocks" story....

Like I said in the websalbum part of this website, we had heard Tommy had passed away.  Thankfully it was just a rumor.  I found Tommy from a very small photo of a guitar player at a club in Colorado.  I figured it had to be him.  How many guys with dark hair, played guitar and were in an area that I had heard Tommy spent time in.  Not to mention the guys name was Tommy Ray Moody, so,  I contacted the owner of the club and found out it was indeed the Tommy Moody we were looking for.  He got me Tommys number which I passed on to Chuck right away.  I called him (Tommy) a couple days later and he told me some cool strories.  We have talked several times since then and I like Tommy a lot.  He always sounds like he is having a good time.  He is doing great and is working on a new CD which I hope to hear some of  soon.  From what I have heard and read about him, he fucking wails on the guitar.  Not to mention that he is also a great singer.   I will have a lot more on Tommy up soon.......

Tommy Moody

Tommy live "back in the day".

Tommy at the Starwood 1979

Tommy looking cool as hell at the 1979 American Music Awards.

Having fun - 1979

Still Alive & Well

Tommy Ray Moody

Tommy Moody in the mid 90's

Tommy belting it out in the 90's

Tommy & Chuck - March 2005